• 8380 Labs – Garage Banners

    8380's Classic Designs Garage Banners The classic designs printed as wall banners for those man caves and garages. Full colour, high-quality, digitally printed on heavy duty vinyl,  15mm eyelets in each corner for hanging purposes  
  • Reload – Mk2 Golf GTI T-shirt

    The Mk2 Golf GTI This 80's legend shown in one of our favourite original colours, Bright Blue Metallic, set on timeless BBS RS alloys. Available in a longline lightweight Charcoal t-shirt, finished with Reload's premium label.
    • 100% Combed and ringspun cotton.
    • Detailed printed image on Chest.
    • Ribbed neckline, Fitted at bicep, longline Unisex fit.
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    GTI silicone keyring in a mk6 Golf GTI ignition

    Hex GTI Keyring

    £8.00 £4.50
    Hex GTI Keyring
    • VW GTI hexagonal styling cues
    • Black silicone construction - non-scratch
    • Standard ring clip for connecting keys
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    8380 Labs pays tribute to the heavyweights of the German DTM Series.

    After the huge interest in our 8380 Labs DTM '89 Air Fresheners, we have released a limited number of the DTM '89 Print. 8380 Labs have done a fantastic job detailing the intricacies of the DTM cars in 1989. The Ford Sierra Cosworth, the BMW M3 and the Mercedes 190E are all cars renowned for their track presence throughout the DTM in 1989, swopping places at the top of the leaderboard throughout the season, eventually Roberto Ravaglia taking the championship title in his BMW E30 M3. Full colour, high-quality, digitally printed on heavy matte-finish stock  
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    8380 Labs superb Audi V8 DTM '90 print.
    8380 Labs are professed lovers of the E30 M3 touring car, but that doesn't mean they don't also appreciate its competitors. In 1990, Audi made their debut in DTM, replacing Ford. They rolled out the big body Quattro V8 - which dwarfed the M3's and 190E's - and put Hans Stuck behind the wheel. By the end of the season the Audi had asserted itself as more than just a novelty, and won the championship. Full colour, high-quality, digitally printed on heavy matte-finish stock  
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    8380 Labs classic VW Mk3 Golf  Unbesiegt 'Undefeated' design reprint.
    Reload have a limited supply of the 8380 Labs 'Undefeated' VW Mk3 Golf print. The design based upon the VW Motorsport TDI Racer. Before the era of high-powered PD engines, VW saw the potential of their torquey TDI engine to win races. Pushing out 187bhp and having 258lb/ft it was definitely not a standard TDI! Full colour, high-quality, digitally printed on heavy matte-finish stock  
  • Air Fresheners

    Retro motoring Air Fresheners with fresh scents, choose from our 8380 designs of the Track Rat or the DTM '89.
    • 8380 DTM '89 - 75x100mm
    • 8380 Track Rat - 75x75mm
  • 8380 Laboratories Track Rat T-shirt, Orange Jagermeister Bergcup Mk1 Golf

    8380 Labs – Mk1 Track Rat T-Shirt

    The Mk1 Track Rat - Available in Black T-shirt and hoody, The Track Rat Mk1 Golf pays homage to the berg cup with the extended fibreglass arches and bright orange Jägermeister livery. The Berg Cup translated as Mountain Cup, has been running for 30 years now, comprising of hill climbs where participants use classic small hatchbacks, with highly tuned engines, restricted to under 1300cc. They are stripped down for any possible weight saving and to extract as high a bhp/ton they can. The most visual aspect of the berg cup is the extended wide arches for small extra-wide wheels allowing maximum grip on the twisty mountain courses  
    • 52% Combed and ringspun cotton, 48% Polyester
    • Screen printed image on Chest
    • Crew neck, Fitted at bicep, Side-seamed, Unisex fit.
  • The Martini Porsche RSR - Available in Grey T-shirt and hoody, the Martini RSR 911 Porsche, is one of our favourite 8380 designs. Based on the Porsche Factory Group 5 Racer, using the RSR as the basic foundation, the bodywork was made from fibreglass and lightweight plastic at the front bumpers, rear aprons and all door and deck lids. Similarly, the interior was stripped of all unnecessary items and fitted with an aluminum roll cage, boost gauge, boost knob and full-race controls. At the rear, a huge rear wing was incorporated to increase downforce and provide a more discreet inlet for the massive intercooler. In an attempt to maintain a visual relationship with the production 911, the large rear wing was painted black to downplay its size!  
    • 52% Combed and ringspun cotton, 48% Polyester
    • Screen printed image on Chest
    • Crew neck, Fitted at bicep, Side-seamed, Unisex fit.
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    8380 Labs pay tribute to the original Nordschleife slayer.

    Nicknamed 'Yellowbird' the RUF CTR, based on a Porsche 911, wasn't shy in its retina-scorching yellow exterior. That's not all spectacular about this car, check out the stats below: 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.0s, 0-100 mph (161 km/h) in 7.3s, 0-124.3 mph (200 km/h) in 10.5s,  14 mile (402m) in 11.7s reaching 133.5 miles per hour (215 km/h) and reached a top speed of 211 mph (340 km/h) Now, remember this was 30 years ago! RUF claimed their CTR was 469bhp, but later admitted they used 'very big horses in Pfaffenhausen'. 8380 Laboratories have produced the Yellowbird design honoring the RUF legend. We have a limited amount of prints available, get yours before they're gone! Full colour, high-quality, digitally printed on heavy matte-finish stock  
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